Become a spin doctor

Gary Brown

08 August 2022

Last week we looked at finding the right golf ball to take advantage of the greens at this time of year. This week, we’re looking at how you’re going to land and stop your ball where you want to.

You’ll never have to think about playing it safe again.

The old adage holds true that your scores are really decided around the greens. We’ve all heard about how putting is the decisive factor in any round, but if you’re hitting good, aggressive wedge shots then those putts get a lot shorter and easier. That can only be a good thing.

Vokey SM8 wedges
Vokey SM8 wedges

The idea behind Titleist Vokey SM8 wedges is to help you play those aggressive chip shots with as much precision as possible; the Spin Milled grooves delivering absolutely maximum spin across all wedge shots. You’ll never have to think about playing it safe again.

Titleist offer SIX different grind options, with each one optimised for specific situations. Certain grinds, like the M-Grind and K-Grind, are specifically designed to help you with those edge-of-the-green chips & pitches. Having these options and tailored wedges for each shot lets you try the shots you see on TV and actually pull them off.  We know it sounds a little daunting but, with our help, we'll ensure you walk away with the perfect combination for your game.

SM8 wedges in the bag
SM8 wedges in the bag

Having performance like this at your fingertips inspires you to go for the shots you’ve always wanted to from around the greens because you know that you can actually execute them. You can’t put a price on playing like that.

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